BUTTERFLY FARM Jaco Costa Rica – Enter the homes of a wide variety of rescued tropical animals, insects, reptiles and birds.

Take a peaceful stroll through this wildlife conservation project, which is located a couple of miles away from Jaco. Experience a fun and educational walk through the tropical paradise with wildlife experts. The Butterfly farm Jaco Costa Rica is dedicated to the exhibition and reproduction of species in danger of extinction. Especially butterflies and colorful poison dart frogs. The goal of this farm is to reproduce them and release them back into their natural habitat and help repopulate the forest. This unique project; the butterfly and frog farms are more than 6600 square feet, which makes them the largest butterfly farm in Costa Rica. In the butterfly farm you can see over 50 different species of multi-colored iridescent butterflies and some of them have camouflage that make them almost invisible such as the Owl butterfly, Blue Morpho butterfly, Tiger and Zebra butterflies among many others hovering over your heads. You see butterflies and also will be able to see them in their full cycle of life. Larva stages and cocoons from most of our species.
Some of the frog species living there include the most colorful and most beautiful frogs in the world. The farm has about 10 species of venomous and non-venomous snakes of Costa Rica that you can see in a very secure way. It is a guided tour, unlike other places of this kind. You  have the opportunity to learn about the species you are looking at instead of having to read signs that only have the common name and the Latin name of the species that you are looking at. With your visit you will help  to continue rescuing and repopulating these forest creatures, and at the same time you will learn about these tropical species.

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camera, water.


Butterfly farm Jaco Costa Rica
Butterfly farm Jaco Costa Rica
Butterfly farm Jaco Costa Rica
Butterfly farm Jaco Costa Rica

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